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About me

Not being able to express through writing or painting, photography was the only way I could exhibit my state of mind & emotions.
It all started when I was in my 20’s and had gone to America (Boston) to work as an assistant in a dark room laboratory.
Since then, I discovered my passion and the desire for photography through which I took forward by participating in workshops with worldwide well-known photographers.
However, it was only in 2002 that I had taken photography as a profession when I moved to Saudi Arabia with my family. I was then inspired to start my own photography project; documenting something that was completely new yet fascinating to me: The Veiled Women.
After depicting it through my own artistic lens, I had it exhibited in Italy, Riyadh, VCU University of Qatar, Riwaq Gallery in Bahrain and many others.
​Between many assignments in different photography fields and projects, I dedicated also to the wedding photography and opened a studio in Bahrain.
My photographic skills, eye for creativity and beauty, opened doors allowing me to capture the most beautiful Royal weddings in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia Kuwait and Qatar.
Fine art photography my real love brought me to study Caravaggio, a 17th-century Italian painter who created new revolutionary painting techniques with deep contrasts of light and dark that give majesty and harmony to the subjects. These are the same effects I have used for my latest body of work called ‘Chiaroscuro‘ a homage to Caravaggio.
By body of work was exhibited in the beautiful museum of Palazzo Cuttica in Alessandria Italy and in Bahrain with the solo exhibition called ‘Darkness & Light’.
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Meet The Team

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Maddalena Cellerino


Giorgia Beltrami

Web Designer

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Photographer Assistant


Martino Vincenzo

Director of Video


Valentina Costa



Lorena Ciancimino


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Loredana Mantello

Director of Photograhy

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